Our core competency is the development of absorbent underwear and respective production units in cooperation with manufacturing and trade partners. We would be pleased to support our customers from first steps through to product manufacturing for market introduction.


BOCO FIT™ Disposable Underwear

meets the BOCO FIT ™ design principles. It can be made with absorbent cores targeted towards urine or menses – and can include a new-to-the-world bowel movement or faeces capturing element.

Processes and Technologies

BOCO FIT™ Converters for Baby and Adult

require little space for the equipment and have low energy consumption, and allow trim free material usage. Overcoming the customary belief of high productivity being contrary to flexibility, the BOCO FIT ™ converters allow making of open tape products and closed pants type products for the complete size range.


BOCO FIT™ Sustainability

BOCO FIT ™ products and their production can improve the full range of sustainability aspects of baby and adult incontinence articles, starting with well-being of the wearer, to easing of care-taking, relief of environment and social security systems, to lower cost for production and distribution / logistic.

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